“This ironing thing just isn’t working for me…”

I’m in shock. Having had the busiest week running after daughter who shall remain nameless, I (shock, horror) decided to send the ironing out to give me a break (In break, I mean to free some time up to do the cleaning, washing and cooking and not sit and have a cuppa and read a magazine). Not to moan but the weekly ironing amounts to 20+ shirts and anything else the kids and husband may need (I’d like to look good on here and say that includes the bedding but who am I trying to kid?!). So, a lovely girl called Sophie collected the ironing with the promise of returning it within 24 hours – pure bliss … well for me apparently and not so much for the daughter, who shall remain nameless, who was, well cross doesn’t cover it, fuming, tantrum bound even, that her favourite pink shirt would not be returning for a full 24 hours … I repeat 24 hours and obviously nothing else to possibly wear instead … so her comment of …

“This ironing thing just isn’t working for me…”

got me thinking … my ironing quota of 20+ shirts a week has just dropped beautifully to 15 … just saying!

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