What’s not to like…?


Photo of daughter at a meet and greet with her current obsession…

I agree … on first impressions what’s not to like? Four (quite attractive) boy band types smiling at me (OK they’re smiling at the camera but it’s me holding the bloody thing so I’m going with the whole they’re smiling at me theory – the camera is incidental). Im feeling quite good about myself at this particular moment … life is great!

So far so good … but then … one of the boys (did I mention quite attractive?) says “Hello Mum”. What? Stop right there … Hello Mum???

And there it was in just two small words … exactly what not to like … gone was my self preservation of thinking I was some cool young chick … gone was the moment of thinking they were smiling at me …

so… boy band types … a little word of advice … next time drop the “mum”… please …just saying…


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