There are no words …

So…I was out last night and asked my husband just to make sure all homework was done. Not out out, I may add, but out. Conversation on my return:

Me: So did the kids get all of their homework done?

Husband: Well, I gave them a lecture on how if they want to succeed in life then they need to work hard.

Me: That’s great but did they do all of their homework?

Husband: No idea but Toulon won the rugby!

Really?????  Just saying!

  1. Firstly…what the actual F…your BLOG IS SNOWING!!!! Off to google how to do this….

    Secondly…MEN cannot be trusted with any actual chores, other than keeping the kids alive. You should have known better 😉 x x Thanks for Linking up to \coolmumclub

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  2. Ha ha! That really made me giggle – I was literally like a kid at Christmas when WordPress said did I want snow on my blog – DID I WANT SNOW???? At least the snow made up for the rather crappy thumbnail on my link up posts – I must learn how to do that!!


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