Hmm … I’m not sure about this stage school education …


I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t overheard this conversation between daughter and her friend but too late now … it’s on a parallel with 2 blondes walk in to a bar … (and being a blonde I’m hoping I can get away with saying that!)

Girl 1 (to protect identity!): Hey, so what you taking at A Level?

Girl 2: Well I was going to take Philosophy but changed my mind.

Girl 1: Philosophy? What’s that?

Girl 2: Oh don’t worry I didn’t know what it was either at first – thought it was the study of rocks!

Girl 1: OK so what you doing instead?

Girl 2: Theology.

Girl 1: Oh what’s that? Oh wait I know … it’s the study of theatre.

Think I’ll leave it there … think I’ve shared enough … just saying…

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