My head is just one big blog idea!


Aaaarghhhh! So, I started this blogging malarkey just over a month ago and it has taken over my head. My mind thinks of nothing else. Everyone and everything is a potential idea, in danger of being turned in to a reflective, funny ‘just saying’ blog post. I look for the funny where there isn’t funny, certain that I can pop a humorous twist here and there with a little poetic licensing!

No one is safe … I’m listening in on conversations everywhere, grasping for inspiration. One daughter and one husband (I only have one!) seem to be providing far too much of the material to the extent that I think they are competing for blog space! Whereas, my other two children, I am convinced, have joined forces and are consciously avoiding doing anything that could be remotely blog worthy! Hmmm … I’m going to have to catch them unawares I think.

It’s taking over … dinner is late, washing overflowing, shirts un-ironed, house a tip but I’m having so much fun … I’m loving it! I get my children to repeat things they say … over and over … telling them to pause as they are mid-story so I can quickly jot ideas down … poor loves are losing the art of conversation as a result I am sure … scarred by my constant interrupting (as well as hungry and looking a little unkempt!). They eye me suspiciously when I walk in to the room, scanning the scene for more inspiration… I don’t want to miss a thing.

So, the blog bank of ideas is bursting, courtesy of my wonderful, crazy, funny family … couldn’t do it without you so please bear with me … thank you … just saying!



  1. Sounds like you’ve got the Blog Bug big time! But at least you don’t have to search too far for inspiration to create a blog post, even if the consequence is late dinners and unwashed clothes! That’s blogging, for you! **sniffs the air for burnt potatoes as I have been distracted by the blog!**
    Nice to meet you
    (tracey @ mummyshire)

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  2. Lol, I can certainly relate to this! I’m mentally blogging things in my head all the time too. The blogging bug certainly can bite hard! Sounds like you’re enjoying it though and look forward to reading more from your blog now that I’ve discovered it 🙂


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