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So, for those who read my previous blog about my invite to the Moschino Show #LCM will know that this event was looming and it was a big deal to me … no point in being cool about this and pretending it was an everyday occurrence in my life. It isn’t. It wasn’t and wow, wow, and more wow I want a life swap with someone who is in that world – insane doesn’t even cover the experience.

Anyway, it will come as no surprise to those that know me that my choice of outfit was causing me an immense amount of concern. What you have to bear in mind is that the world of fashion is not my world and I watch from the sidelines in complete awe. However, the outfit came together quite simply and I left the house with model daughter in quite a pain free fashion (no pun intended) with no hopping around the bedroom from outfit to outfit screaming that I have absolutely nothing to wear! And, for those who read my blog about It’s not easy being mum of a model will be pleased to hear that the skirt I chose was in fact a skirt and not a top! Good start – I must be getting better at this fashion malarkey!

So, arriving early, we treated oursleves to a glass of champagne in Selfridges where model daughter insisted on a mummy and daughter selfie. Now for those of a certain age, selfies are to be dreaded. I didn’t grow up in an age where I was happy to have a camera shoved in front of my face every 5 seconds to document my life or my mood at any particular moment etc, etc so, after approximately 100 attempts (may well have been more) I was happy to upload the one below. However, please have sympathy as 1, I hate selfies and 2, who wants to have their photo taken next to a model?!


Now, with champagne having obliterated the nerves we made our way to One Mayfair (Oh could the Moschino show be anywhere else!?) and what a venue!

IMG_4175.jpgFullSizeRender (1).jpg

The paparazzi were spilling on to the pavements of the coffee shop opposite and effortlessly cool photographer types were milling about just waiting … not for us funnily enough! So, attempting to walk past them nonchalantly and unbothered by their presence (trust me … that is so so hard to do – with just the effort of trying to look natural I was probably anything but) we made our way in to the building and were immersed immediately in to this:

banging tunes, smoke machines, glitter bomber jackets, silver crowns, leopard print fur, heels, big hair and that was just the guys … clipboards, headsets, importance, air kissing, cameras, models, whispers of gossip of “OMG did you see him walk in with so & so … such a social climber” Who? Who? I’m looking around – I don’t recognise anyone.

And then daughter gets invited backstage … I’m left standing, trying to blend, trying to not cry. Youthful glow everywhere. Skinny everywhere. Promise to myself that I must dust off the juicer, must hit the gym. Daughter emerges with smiles “yeah it was cool” Cool? How can you take this in your stride? She’s just been backstage at the male Moschino show, met Ruth Bell, Jourdan Dunn and goodness knows how many fit young male models – I’d be grinning ear to ear – note to self I must learn from Victoria Beckham and not smile … act cool.

We then get ushered through with the masses in to the hall where the show is to take place. Unbelievably, we are not Front Row (!) but up in the balcony – I’m not complaining, the view is immense – the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere.


The music continues to pump through the hall while we wait for the show to start and then an eery choral of hallelujah pounds through the system, the crowds hush and then the Moschino sign bursts in to colour …


… and the show starts …

…what a day … just saying …

Run Jump Scrap!
Mami 2 Five







  1. Oh I am so extremely jealous of you right now!!! I’d love love love to go to a Moschino Show. And by the way, you look fabulous next to your daughter – she looks so much like you! I’m so glad you aren’t playing it cool & that you enjoyed your amazing day. x

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    1. Oh thank you so much! Trouble is I just want more days like that – I’m sure the fashion crowd tire of it but the feeling of being propelled in to a life so different from your own can sometimes be so exciting!! Here’s hoping the model daughter gets some more invites and wants to take me again!! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment xx

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  2. I just loved reading this. Most importantly, before I go any further you look great in the selfie. What an exciting thing to be part of. The way you wrote it made me feel like I was right there with you. The fact that you had such a brilliant time is even better. Proud mum eh! Lovely to meet you on #twinklytuesday Nicky


    1. Oh you are so kind to say that – thank you – the advantages of filters and black and white!! It was ridiculously exciting and I am desperate for the next invite!! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment xx

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  3. Ha ha – that made me smile – thank you so much but it was definitely a treat and not a regular occurrence though I am rather hoping for more as was just incredible … am working on it! Thank you commenting and reading lovely xx Happy Thursday xx


    1. Oh thank you! It was just the best event – wish every sunday was like that but funnily enough being a mummy to 3 children it certainly isn’t but nice to have experienced it if only for a snapshot in to that beautiful world xx


  4. Wow, this sounds like the most amazing day ever. Your daughter is stunning and looks just like you. That selfie is gorgeous. You both look so happy. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and smiled all your way through. Who wants to be like Victoria Beckham anyway? (Apart from her husband would be quite nice!) Thanks so much for linking up to #SundayStars. We are thrilled that you decided to join us. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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    1. Oh thank you for your lovely words – it was such a gorgeous day and definitely one for the memory box. I was thrilled to find #SundayStars – so many great reads. Will hopefully have something to link up this Sunday in between running model daughter here there and everywhere! Happy Friday xx


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