Teenage expressions you need to know …


So, having heard numerous nonsensical expressions over recent weeks I decided to brave it and ask my teenagers what they were actually saying to each other. It went a little something like this:

Me: So kids, I need a little help with my blog idea about teenage expressions…

Daughter 2: Goals.

Me: Well I haven’t set any goals yet but just an idea I had.

Daughter 2: No, I meant Goals … it’s an expression.

Think you get an idea of how bad I’m going to be at this and just how well the conversation went! Anyway, after much amusement from them at my expense and my total questioning of how, why, who thought of that we finally got somewhere. So, for those of you who feel the need to perhaps understand the teenage English language a little more this week (because, trust me, some words become ‘so last week’ ridiculously quickly – come on, keep up – then here is a little insight to what is current at the moment:

Starting with ‘Goals’ – this is apparently used for something that someone wants – for example, if daughter saw a girl with beautiful hair – instead of saying “Oh hasn’t she got lovely hair? I’d like mine like that one day.” You cut out all the words in the sentence that make sense and just say “Goals”.

‘Fave’ – easy to guess this one – why waste letters or time with favourite when Fave explains it perfectly (apparently)?

‘Peng’ – Well, I didn’t even want to hazard a guess but when I tried to type it my apple predictive text kept trying to replace with penguin (!). Apple so need to get with the kids and recognise Peng because apparently it’s a fave (get me!) amongst teenagers (for this week anyhow) and means ‘really fit, really hot’ but can be applied to both a person and an object. Apparently a burger can be peng!

‘Chirpsing’ or ‘chirps’ – now this took a lot of explaining as means ‘flanter’ (predictive text wants to put flatter here so, again, Apple needs to get up to date and quickly before I make some terrible typos!). So flatter – Oh for God’s sake Apple … flanter… means ‘flirty banter’ and chirpsing means having flirty flanter chat. Personally, I think flirting works perfectly well – why the need to come up with something new I just don’t know – oh yeah, thats because I’m old apparently!

Anyway, moving on …

‘Bae’ – any idea? Well, apparently means ‘Before anyone else’ and can be applied to both people or objects and means the best – pronounced bay – this is used an awful lot and I can vouch for that.

‘I can’t even’ – now, on average, I hear this 57 times a day. It’s used for everything that teenager does not want to do. But is also used when seeing a peng boy – makes no sense to me but apparently means ‘I can’t even deal with the situation.’ Trust me, there are a lot of situations that teenagers can not deal with!

‘Can you not’ – now this is a particular favourite expression in our house and is used for almost everything that teenager does not want to do – which is virtually everything that they are asked to do by husband or me – you can imagine how well that goes down!

And, finally, the one that just tops expression of all expressions for total bafflement by me…

‘Fresh Creps’ … so, I would think it was a typo and what they really meant was fresh crepes … but apparently not … it means really cool new trainers … I KNOW – how????

Anyway, as a parent, we are allowed to try and understand these words and expressions but we are never to attempt to say any of them … trust me, you’ll thank me for telling you that … just saying …



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64 thoughts on “Teenage expressions you need to know …

  1. Oh I LOVE this! My son is already developing a new language. I can’t remember doing this when I was a teen? We must have had some sort of lingo though. Great to visit your blog, fab read, I’m going to share! Tor x

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    1. I know – when I was writing it I was wracking my brain for expressions I used as a teen – nothing seem to spring to mind – probably left forgotten!! Thank you for taking the time to red and comment. Happy Tuesday x


  2. Thanks for this. It’s been a few years since my eldest were teenagers and the lingo changes all the time. I have NO idea what teens are on about. We used to say ‘ace’ ‘brill’ and ‘gay’. We’re going back to the early 80’s here and everything and everybody was ‘dead gay’.
    Thank you for the education. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Also, you must not try to say them. Kids saying the words = cool. Parents saying them =not cool. We should develop a language of our own and baffle them lol

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  3. OhMG I can’t even… in all seriousness, I’m almost 25 and I barely understand these haha. I don’t understand why teenage talk is forever changing, it almost seems pointless to try and keep up: it’ll change by next week!
    Funny post πŸ™‚ xxx #Abitofeverything


    1. Ha ha – Well if you don’t known them then there’s no hope for me!! The pace at which it changes is crazy! Makes me giggle really and at least it gives me material for blogging! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment x


  4. I loathe the word bae! Drives me crazy! I also hate when I see tbh amongst my teenagers threads. But I understand that being a teenager today is waaaaaaay different than when I was a teenager…which was like so yesterday. I am visiting from #abitofeverything. πŸ’ŒTrista

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  5. I can’t even…
    I tried ‘tragic’ and ‘epic’ with my nieces the other day. Failed. Apparently they weren’t even ‘cool’ words? American teeny pop teevee has a lot to answer for cause it is where I get all my tips

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    1. Oh no! I daren’t use anything brave as I know I’ll get thrown ‘that’ look – you know the one! I admire your attempts though – thought they were epic! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment x


  6. Great post! The term bae annoys me so much! Apart from the fact it sounds awful, teenagers seem to be able to have more than one. I just can’t work out how 2 or more people can each come before anyone else! Still, at least yolo seems to be over haha πŸ™‚ #TwinklyTuesday

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  7. I knew Bae, I can’t even, and Can you not because I have heard teenage girls my way say those things and I say “can you not” to my kids all the time. However, maybe it’s because I have a teenage boy who is obsessed with video games but I never heard the rest of them. This makes me want to ask my niece, who’s turning 16 in a couple of weeks. LOL! I love this! It’s helping us “old people” keep up with the times:) #bloggerclubuk


  8. I hadn’t heard of chirpsing! The rest I know mostly because I waste too much time on Tumblr – I knew it would pay off eventually! πŸ˜‰ When my little brother was younger I loved to embarrass him with all my bare bants. He doesn’t look back on it quite so fondly for some reason… #bloggerclubuk


  9. Oh my! I absolutely feel for you with three teens/tweens in your house. I have a 13 year old niece and its like she speaks a completly different language. None of us aunts and uncles can keep up, let alone her parents and we’re definitely uncool (even though we’re pretty cool I think lol). That said, I do recognise some of this slang from my younger days so it looks like slang, like fashion, goes around (not uncool after all, whoop!) πŸ˜‰ Emily #TwinklyTuesday


    1. Trust me it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know them- you are never ever allowed to say them so ignorance is bliss and will probably keep you cooler in the long run – trust me! Happy Thursday xx


  10. Tee hee! (what WOULD my 12 year old say if she knew I wrote that in a public place?!) You put it perfectly. Of course, the way to ensure my kids NEVER use any of these would be to start using them myself. But then as you point out they’ll be replaced with a new batch of teenspeak by the end of the week anyway.

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    1. Oh that made me giggle. We are so not allowed to be remotely cool. My daughter was convinced that her generation had made up the word banter and that I had no right to say it – think I’ll give her the Oxford Dictionary for some bed time reading tonight! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Happy Friday xx


  11. Gosh, I’d never remember them all. Very funny! I’m sure we must have had a similar ‘speak’ going on back in the day. I got one out of that lot. I have heard of Creps by chance only (maybe BAE) which I would have guessed was British Aerospace by the way! #abitofeverything


  12. I use some of these haha! In my defence I’ve picked them up from a) my 14 year old sister and b) not being far out of my teens myself! I’ve been banned from using “bae” by my other half haha (I was calling him bae all the time). Have you been introduced to “on fleek”? Being on fleek is DEFINITELY goals. #coolmumclub

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    1. Ha ha I’m giggling you called your husband bae – love it! You’re so young though – you have full permission to still use – I don’t!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Happy Friday xx


  13. I like to think that, as a secondary school teacher, I stay reasonably ahead of the curve on new speech mannerisms of the under 20s, but I realised that idea was folly itself a few weeks ago when I had to have the term “netflix and chill” explained to me. I have to admit I love teen language though-I can remember the sheer joy of it from my own teen years and it never ceases to amuse me. #CoolMumClub


    1. Oh you’re so right – their language is so funny and definitely a rite of passage – they need to own it – not us! I bet you hear far more than I do you brave woman!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Happy Friday xx


  14. Oh wow this is perfect for #coolmumclub!! I haven’t heard any of these. It’s double dutch! I dread to think what they’ll be in 10+ years! #coolmumclub

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  15. This is great. I’ve been meaning to ask my (16 year old) sister what BAE means for ages!! You’ve saved me a job. Thank you! #coolmumclub xx


  16. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Apparently I am totally clueless with the new slang! I was delighted that I knew 3 of these things & could guess another two. But then others are so far out there like peng. I could never pose as a teenager now LOL Thanks so much for linking up with the first #BloggerClubUK we really appreciate your support & hope to see you back this week x


  17. I have been reliably informed that a slightly tipsy ‘Chirpse’ is known as a ‘Shlirpse’ or ‘Shlirpsing’, basically drunkern flanter!
    Another fave of my daughters is ‘baff’d’ self explanatory but I hear it all day long err’day.

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  18. I actually thought ‘bae’ was something to do with BeyoncΓ© …
    A lot of these are familiar to me but one I haven’t got to grips with yet is ‘fleek/fleak’?

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