Thank goodness my teenage years were one big secret from the world!

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Hmmmm, OK, so I’m not super proud of this … but if my kids are going to use social media to document and tell the world what they are doing at a party … then they need to remember that I’m getting pretty savvy on social media and may see something that they may not have wanted me to see! So, based on that, I’m not going to take all the blame for my parenting behaviour over what happened this weekend – I know, you’re cringing for my children already … I get it … I would have hated this if my mum had done what I did … but too late now … I was lucky … my youth was one big drunken secret from the rest of the world … thank goodness. No one ever saw me fall down the escalators at Liverpool Street (obviously not me), or convince the busking bongo players in Piccadilly in front of a large gathering crowd that I was as good as them – (hard to believe but I wasn’t – actually, this really wasn’t me – I had awesome friends!) or getting my foot stuck in a tube door (again not me and very not funny).

So, anyhow, daughter announces she’s going to a gathering – apparently that’s the cool new name for a party … but it’s not a party apparently … confused? Me too – group of friends get together, parents out, music banging, alcohol flowing but not a party … definitely not a party … a gathering.

So, at 6:29 when daughter is being picked up at 6:30:

Daughter: Dad, have we got any Kopparberg?

Husband: Er … no. I don’t drink the stuff and nor did you last time I checked!

Daughter: Well, it’s not for me, obviously (???????!!!!!!!) and I can’t turn up to the party empty handed!

Me: I thought it wasn’t a party but a gathering… (think you can imagine the look I got).

Daughter: (looking in fridge) oh don’t worry, I’ll just take this bottle of bubbles!

Husband: Do you like bubbles?

Daughter: No, not for me, I don’t drink (doorbell goes) but thanks Dad, got to go!

Fast forward to snapchat videos showing quite clearly … shock, horror … very drunk behaviour of friends at gathering. Now, I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to do what I did next but … cue me quickly googling death and alcohol related accidents amongst teenagers and texting daughter stats in 2015. Really, could I not have just let her be a teenager? Who would send their child death stats when they’re at a party? Funnily enough, I didn’t get a reply. Mother/daughter relationship ruined in one fell swoop. My defence? Let’s go back to the beginning of this blog … if you’re going to share on social media what you’re doing then I will be your parent and I will react. Remember, my teenage years were a secret and will safely remain a secret … it was not me that was very ill (!) on that snow train down to Chamonix that time so I don’t need to apologise to the lovely family of 4 who were sharing my sleeper carriage … just saying!

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  1. You’re on snapchat?? Wow, you are cool! I think you had a very muted response, I thought it was going to be a public dressing down. Very dignified! #SundayStars


    1. I know, get me! but really does a daughter need a mum texting her death stats when at a party (I mean gathering) – poor love – let teenagers be teenagers!! Thank you, once again, for reading and commenting. Happy Monday (if that’s even possible) xx

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  2. Oh gosh I have all of this ahead of me too! But yes, I am so glad that my teenage years will remain un-shared, I was an absolute nightmare and if my children are even slightly as wild as I was then I have my work cut out!! Eeek! #marvmondays

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  3. I think everybody, teenagers especially, share far too much on social media. They spend more time documenting what they’re doing rather than enjoying being well they are and who they are with. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xxx #BloggerClubUK

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    1. You are so right! I say that to my children so often – put your phone down and enjoy life – social media has put a huge generational gap between children and parents these days. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment x


    1. Ha ha – i thank that is what makes parenting teenagers so difficult – we are so aware of what we got up to. I guess we have to just let teenagers be teenagers but it is just so hard! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment x

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  4. Haha, this makes me so glad there was no social media when I was a teenager! But this is probably quite a good lesson to learn on what to share on social media and with who! You weren’t snooping, it was there for you to see! Also – Snapchat? How down with the kids are you? I’m impressed! #bloggerclubuk

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    1. Ha ha me too! I know, but children seem to forget the enormity of social media – i do feel bad for sending daughter death stats instead of letting her just have fun though! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment x


  5. It’s the double edged sword isn’t it – you know more about what they’re doing, but maybe that isn’t what you want to know. I’m glad my kids are adults now because I’m too old for all the worrying!


  6. Haha! I am *dreading* the teenage years! I think your approach was as good as any other! X #BloggersClubUK


  7. Oh my goodness.. that does sound scary! And it’s quite often that I am so grateful that social media and smartphones weren’t around when I was a teenager. Although I wonder how we ever arranged any ‘gatherings’ without mobile phones.. it’s hard to remember!

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  8. I never told my mum when I was going out at uni because she would’ve been sending me death statistics haha! Oh bless you, it must be terrifying though. I worry that I’m going to be too lenient with SB when she’s a teenager (long way to go yet) because my parents were really lenient with me… part of me thinks “Hey I turned out fine”, part of me remembers various drunken nights and the fact that I got pregnant at 19 and thinks hmm, maybe strictness is the way to go 😉 #coolmumclub


  9. I have no idea how I’m going to parent a teenager, having been one myself, but fortunately I have at least a dozen years to work that out! I actually think your response was not that bad, at least it didn’t involve any public humiliation for yourself or daughter!

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  10. Oh dear lol! I dont envy you, but pretty funny stuff. I can imagine how hard it must be not to want to check up on what your kids are doing when it is so easy to do that these days ;-). Emily #MarvMondays


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