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Now, I have to point out here that I have only recently started an Instagram account as so many bloggers mention in their ‘how to improve your blog/followers etc’ that you would be best advised to sign up to more than one social medium. And … I have to admit … I am totally hooked … beautiful imagery … beautiful insights in to beautiful worlds of beautiful people … OK there are times when other people’s lives make me a little envious but you learn to push that thought aside … be inspired by it and aim that little higher …

So … up until now … my 3 children have been on Instagram and I have been totally oblivious to what goes on in the world of Grammers … and I think they were quite happy with that but now that their mum has started blogging, set up a Twitter account and suddenly thinks she is all tech savvy and wants to follow them on Instagram – this is definitely not what they had in mind at all. However, I was lucky – I requested to follow them and they accepted (my husband hasn’t had quite the same response but that’s a whole other blog – trust me!).

I’m not foolish – I am well aware that before accepting my follow request that they were more than likely to have quickly checked their history and deleted anything they deemed inappropriate and would categorically not want me to see / thank goodness – though it did make me feel that I should perhaps have joined this whole Instagram malarkey long before they went on it but too late now – lesson learnt!

So, oblivious in my own little world that my kids love me, are not embarrassed by me, little did I think that they would mind that I was on Instagram – happy that I was part of their media world … that was until I made the … shock horror … fatal mistake, never to be repeated ever again … I actually went and liked one of my daughter’s photos – can you believe it – what a fool? Who knew you were not meant to like them if you were a mum?! And, I can’t believe I didn’t know this either but I only went and commented on the photo too – can you believe it? … commented on the photo … this was met by an immediate dm (direct message for those of you who like me are new to all of this!) of legal case wording status by said daughter stating that I was never ever to like one of her photos again … ever … and that I was never ever to comment again … ever … the said comment was then deleted by daughter … ouch! A very harsh reminder right there that I am very much a mum and that I should remain very clearly in that category and no other – hmmm hard this parenting business.

So, you would have thought that I’d learnt my lesson but apparently not – I tentatively verbally commented on a photo recently and was met with a very similar response, for which I think there are hand gestures, but was told that if I didn’t like the photos I didn’t have to look at them and that she could easily delete me from her account – wow! Again, parents of teens to be … you’ve been warned … how ever cool you think you are … how ever close you think you are to your children … you will always be the uncool parent that hasn’t a clue … just saying!

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  1. Ah I can imagine this happening in about 13 time years to me, who knows what technology or social media platforms will be around then. Claire X #abitofeverything

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  2. HAHAHA!!! I did that on one of my kids’ FB posts and I was warned that I would be “unfriended” if I ever did that again! Yeah, i thought I was cool too…Nope…obviously not. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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  3. Oh dear – I am not looking forward to this carry on when my kids are old enough to be on social media. I adore IG too – I’m really getting into it this year. I love scrolling through the beautiful images & sharing my own too! Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x

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