Raging War On My Ageing face!



I laugh in joy and the lines appear … happy times, happy feelings, rewarded with lines … how does that seem remotely fair? Now … don’t get me wrong … I wouldn’t like them any more if I felt I perhaps deserved them … say, if I scowled … lots … then maybe I’d have to accept them as punishment … they would have a little more justification for sitting so obviously on my face … “Stop scowling you miserable cow” … but for laughing? … really? … “Hey you over there having so much fun have some lines” … well, that’s great … just thanks.

… then those shadows that sit there so smugly below my eyes and blacken the corners so darkly … why thank you for appearing to show the world just how damn tired I am … if I’d been partying hard and been up all night through choice then OK I admit I’d may be deserving of them … but is that really any way to reward a mother of never sitting down, of 50,000 uninterrupted night’s sleep … where, uncomplainingly (well maybe a few little times), she wakes when her child wakes and soothes them gently back to sleep? How fair is that? … who came up with that little reward system?

… and the slight puffiness that shows on my face which hints that perhaps I’ve partaken in a few glasses of wine … oh come on, please, if you’d spent just a day in my house you would see that they have been well and truly deserved … medicinal even … could you not just let me get away with a few drops without shouting out to the world “this woman neeeeeeeds alcohol, this woman had a few more than she should have done last night … on … shock, horror … a school night”

… and the lines upon my forehead that have formed from worrying, through bringing up three children, through illness, child friendship issues, mothering their hurt feelings, their damaged pride and just concern, concern, concern … could I not have been rewarded with a beautifully smooth brow to say thank you for caring … I would have much preferred that to lines … just putting it out there for future reference.

So, as much as I’m sure I am meant to be thankful that my face tells a story … that every line has earned its place and I should be grateful for so much living to tell … I think every mother would prefer just a little more graciousness in the ageing process … a little more thanks for all those sleepless nights, those hours of worry and those medicinal glasses of wine … just saying!

Cuddle Fairy
Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. I am just starting to notice a few laughter lines now. Had a bit of a throwback from an old photo too and placed them side by side and realised I’ve really aged in the past three years. I look so young in the first photo, it seems to have literally slipped me by! #bloggerclubuk

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  2. I have been noticing so many laughter lines around my eyes, and I know I know I should be thankful for all the laughter and fun I have had – but all I can think when I look in the mirror is ‘what was so bloody funny!!’ It’s certainly not funny now!!! Xxx

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  3. I love this! I have really bad smile lines so everyone thinks I am older than I am. A couple of years ago my sister and I worked in the pub together, obviously I was child free and at the time I was 23, she was 31 with three kids and customers would ask ‘who is older?!’ I would usually swear at them. Why are we punished for smiling?! #BloggerClubUK

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  4. We should definitely be rewarded with beautiful and soft complexion for all those sleepless nights and worrying! A mother suffers… I love your post and it definitely put a smile on my face – oh look now I can blame you for my smile creases 🙂 xx. #bloggerclubuk

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  5. OMG lady I hear you. I caught sight of myself in a mirror last week whilst out shopping and got such a shock. I’m such my bedroom mirror is lying to me. Motherhood needs to cut us a break. Fabulous post hun, I am sure this echoes how a lot of mum’s feel. But your photo is gorgeous and I am sure you are 🌸 TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

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    1. Oh thank you lovely! Doesn’t it just drive you crazy – when you catch your reflection and think “holy moly that can’t be me can it?” But hey we should pat ourselves on our backs for doing the best we can. Thanks for hosting a great linky lovely xx


  6. So true! I have definitely aged dramatically in the 2 years since having my first. I’ve found that not polishing the mirrors helps. #familyfun

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  7. Oh yes, the long nights have definitely taken their toll on my face…and hair! And some days I’m come over all narcissistic and don’t put make up on and then catch sight of myself and cry! The only consolation at the moment is that my two year old just sees the smiles, not the lines. #familyfun

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  8. So true, you think something would happen when we gave birth… seems only fair. I have many more lines than I had before having Monkey and he’s only coming up to 4 hate to think what I will look like when he hots 20! lol. Thank you so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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