My Kids Are Like Just So Talented!


Now, for those of you who are familiar with my blog, you will already know that I bring you honest musings … OK, I admit, they are more rants … about raising teens. Oh, come on, give me break, I have three of them for goodness’ sake … I have a lot of experience … and sometimes I really do feel the need to moan … teenagers, in their very being, provide a whole lot of material … really good material in fact … but I feel that some of you may appreciate some honesty from me because … quite frankly … the way I depict life in our house of three teenagers and three dogs it is a miracle I haven’t been admitted to some asylum … so I thank you for listening … you really are my therapy, guys!

… but, in defence of my rants, do you really want to hear blog after blog about how proud I am of them? … OK, before I get a whole flurry of comments saying yes please … can I just say something? Is it really that funny to hear about how many tries my son scored in his last rugby match? Really? You actually want to hear that stuff? Don’t you get enough of that from the competitive mums on Facebook and in the school playground? OK, for the record, it was 0 but his tackling was immense … I can not believe he isn’t playing for England yet even though he’s only 12 … totally overlooked .. must have chats with Eddie (England coach for those not in the know) this week …

… oh and do you really want to hear stories about the model daughter and who she’s been rubbing shoulders with this week and how successful she is and just how amaaaaazingly well she did in her recent AS level mocks? Oh I’m so proud, she’s so clever, the cleverest out there I’m sure … oh and did I mention she’s just finished filming with Brad Pitt for his next big blockbuster in LA and modelling alongside Cara for Burberry? For the record, she didn’t, she isn’t … I’m making that bit up.

… oh and my other daughter, so damn good at sport that she’s hurdling for Team GB in Rio at aged just 14 … youngest ever competitor even though it is against the rules … they’ve broken them just for her … they’ve chucked out Jessica and replaced her with my daughter …. again, she’s not, they haven’t Β … I made that up.

… and do you really want to hear about how polite and conscientious they are and the absolute angels that they are … such fabulous conversationalists, such great company … and just so funny (they take after their mother, of course).

… really, I could go on and on! But you’ll be relieved that I won’t … because no one wants to read that stuff … do they? Is there anything funny or remotely humorous about how good other people’s children are? Again, Facebook can have that with pleasure … surely blogging is not about bragging … it is about making us all feel that we are in the same boat and that parenting, just some days, throws stuff at us that if we didn’t laugh and try to find the funny then surely we would just break down and sob … just saying!

Mudpie Fridays


  1. Absolutely true! I have to admit that a lot of what you said about your children’s achievements would make for the perfect FB status update…just saying, lol. Great post, as always, x #bloggerclubuk

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  2. So true! Also one of the reasons I am not on facebook is because I couldn’t take the boasting anymore – arggggh! I don’t care if your 1 year old can recite every single Shakespeare play backwards in its entirety!! I love your posts so please don’t go changing them! πŸ™‚ x #bloggerclubuk

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  3. Ahaha this is fab. You do make me laugh, pretty sure your blog wouldn’t be quite so fun if you took to the bragging lark! I think I’m far more likely to always talk about silly and funny things on social media and my blog, I’ll save the bragging for when faced with scary competitive parents. #BloggerClubUK


  4. I was getting all excited for your model daughter to meet Brad Pitt & also getting totally jealous. Maybe someday!! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

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  5. Hey sometimes your child’s accomplishments are you own as well, so it is ok to be proud and share them. But yea, some people over do it. Especially on Facebook. Great post because you really illustrate how it can get πŸ™‚

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