Hiding Behind My Blog Name

OK, so I’m not literally hiding behind my blog name as my ‘About Me’ page has all the information you need to know … well, all I’d like you to know, trust me … and I’m not really that shy in letting you all know I’m Helen, really. But … on deciding whether to go to Britmums Live in June, it got me thinking … there will hopefully be some people attending that will know Justsayingmum … I dearly hope so! … but, scarily, no one will know me … Helen … yikes!

Alright, you’ve rumbled me, this isn’t about me being shy and this isn’t really about me being too wary of turning up with no friends and sitting in the corner, with my little plate of hospitality sandwiches and a glass of bubbles (they serve bubbles right?), hoping that someone will come and say hello … smiling manically at anyone who passes by, trying to convey “Hey, I’m Justsayingmum, please be my friend” … but it is going to be bizarre as a relatively new blogger out there … I know it will be super fantastic and inspiring … and I’ll learn heaps … but there a couple of things niggling …

… firstly, in my blog I try to be quite funny … well, I kind of think so … will people on meeting Helen find her funny? What if they don’t … I may return home to find that my twitter followers have dropped to zero and my blog followers dwindled considerably with comments such as “Oo did you meet Justsayingmum? Thought she would be so much funnier in person … how disappointing, you never really know do you? Just goes to show doesn’t it?”

… or will people comment “goodness, there’s that woman who writes all those mean things about her children … she really isn’t fit to be a mother … her poor kids” And goodness … I wouldn’t blame them … really, those poor kids! Oh, come on, I know all of the blogging community are totally gorgeous but I can’t be the only one that has a little trepidation about people meeting the real person behind the blog name … surely?

… but apart from feeling just a tad self-conscious about people meeting Helen … there’s going to be, like, Royalty there …. all those big super mummy bloggers who I follow that I am in total awe of … they will be there … it will be like mixing with celebrities … not that I ever have … but one can hope, one can dream, one can imagine … but, on meeting some big superstar mummy blogger, what would I say? … “Oh I love your blog” … I can just imagine the glances at my little plastic name badge (we get one of those right? …. yikes … do I put Helen or Justsayingmum? That’s a whole other dilemma!), looking back up at my face and thinking could I not have said something more original!? … no, I’m starstruck!

… what if the mummy bloggers I know and love are nothing like I imagined? What if I quite like knowing them as Fluffypants or BestMummyEver (I’ve made those up!)? What if FunnyBum and StyleItLikeItsHot (again, purely made up … oo if anyone wants a blog name you know where to come, right?) are so sassy that it’ll change how I comment on their blogs next time as they are just way too cool for school? Will it change the dynamics once I know them as real people? Then again, SuperFitMum (made up!) could end up being a brand new best friend … amazing!

… the thing is, I think I quite like hiding behind my blog name … it’s like a little cosy comfort blanket … or a bloody large glass of wine … but, maybe, just maybe, I might find I quite enjoy people meeting Helen … and Helen meeting FluffyPants, BestMummyEver, FunnyBum, StyleItLikeItsHot and SuperFitMum … just saying!

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  1. I am so gutted I’m not gong to Britmums there are some amazing bloggers going I’m sure you will be just a great in real life as you are on your blog. Have an amazing tme xx #kcacols

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  2. I love this post – the identities we build for ourselves online are so important in a number of ways. I’m estranged from a lot of my family and the day they discovered one of my pseudonyms was an actual, proper tragedy. I had to abandon my social media accounts with that name and come up with something new – it was a real loss!

    Now, I try to invest less in the names I use online – and I’ve rebranded recently to use my own name, as a kind of reclaiming exercise (not without its nerve-wracking moments!) – but I do still think back fondly to the freedom my online personas used to give me when I gave them 100%.

    Such a good topic for an article, this!

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    1. Oh thank you so much for your well though out comment! It’s ever so interesting who we become when we are hidden behind an online name – our true selves? who we aspire to be? I don’t know but I enjoy having an online name – thank you for taking the time to comment x


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