Get Your Groove On!

OMG what is it about dancing?! When was the last time you went out and danced? Let it all go? Get lost in the moment? And shook your thang? Why does it feel sooooo good? Good music … and … dancing … dance like no one is watching … well it might be a good idea if I reminded myself sometimes that perhaps people are watching and I might want to reign it in a little … OK, rein it in quite a bit then.

Now, as you’ve probably worked out, I’m quite a shy and retiring type and it takes a lot of courage to get me up onto the dance floor … standing at the edge, watching all the other divas, wishing I could go strut my stuff … oh who am I kidding? I’m the first one up! I love a good dance … think myself quite a good dancer (I’m not) … and even have some signature moves that seem to come out time and time again … really not sure why, they shouldn’t be allowed and I am not going to go into them here … am sure there will be friends who will do that for me in the comment section … don’t you dare! Hmm but pole dancing around Robbie Williams’ tribute act’s microphone stand wasn’t one of my finest moments … still have nightmares about the whole thing … was so convinced he was the real thing (he wasn’t but I’ve got a feeling he believed he was too that night!) … but I digress!

Only Saturday night saw me executing those moves again, much to my poor children’s embarrassment … my dad plays in a band … he’s cool like that … so we took the kids … and I danced … first one up … again! But the kids danced with me, and my mum … now my mum … she’s a dancer (must be where I get it from) … met my dad when she danced in his band years ago … yep, both my parents are very cool … so there we were … three generations dancing … best buzz feeling ever …

… so, what is it about dancing then? What is it about a good beat that makes us go crazy? And crazy I do … nothing serene or demure about this girl’s moves! Denise Chow, Sci-Tech Editor at Live Science states that the reason for dance can be found in evolution and that the ‘ability to dance was actually connected to the ability to survive.’ Wow … I’m surviving baby … I need to do these moves … they aren’t just for fun … I am surviving … I can feel a rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ coming on but I’ll restrain myself … I’ll only end up dancing too … and I can see hubby is just not in the mood for those antics of mine tonight!

Denise Chow also goes on to say that a study looking into the DNA of a group of dancers and non-dancers found that the dancers shared two genes associated with being good communicators … and, hey, for anyone who knows me, I love a good chat! Aha! Proof then that I must be in the dancer category and not the non-dancer … love it! In addition, it was also documented that the dancers had higher levels of serotonin which boosts moods … come on peeps … let’s dance! You know how good it feels to turn up the radio just that little bit louder and dance in the car … that’s not just me, is it? Or dance around your kitchen … hmmm that could be just me! The article goes on to say that dance might occur to attract a mate … so to my husband who may be reading this … I only dance for you baby, I promise!

So, for all of you non-dancers out there, I urge you to give it a go … turn up that radio … let yourself go wild … serotonin releasing happening all over the shop! And for all my friends out there that have been known to enjoy my dancing … oh you know who you are … I’m surviving! I’m keeping happy! And for anyone going to Britmums … fancy going dancing after?

… just saying!

*Now, I did try to get hold of some photos from Saturday but, trust me, you really do not need to see me dancing and pouting at the camera like some wannabe groupie!*

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  1. Hands like you had a brilliant time! Haha sometimes I actually believe I could give BeyoncΓ© a run for her money! πŸ˜‰ we shall create our own dancefloor at Britmums, never mind dancing afterwards! πŸ˜‰ xxx #Tribesters

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  2. every time I read one of your posts you and your family just get cooler and cooler… A dad in a band (mine was too the singer) I may not have picked up his moves exactly but I did dance for a while until a nasty knee injury forced me to stop or I’m sure I could have been a strictly professional (in my dreams and it was disco). I too am the first one up there but my son is well and truly embarrassed. Would love to strut my stuff with you hun 🌸

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  3. You have cool parents!!!! I am with you on dancing. I love to dance as do my girls and we always turn up the music and have a dance. Like you say it just makes you feel great. I can’t dance though but in my head I can dance like a pop star. Yeaaaa, here is to rocking out! πŸ™‚

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  4. Hehe, this made me giggle. You do have cool parents – my dad plays in a band too! He’s an old rocker. πŸ™‚
    I’m not much of a dancer, it takes a lot (of alcohol) to get me on the dance floor. I do love a good boogie though, as long as it’s to good old 80s music! πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah fellow daughter of dad in a band – did you also grow up with your dad’s band practising whilst you were trying to get to sleep?! Ha ha alcohol always helps! Thank you so much for reading and commenting xx


  5. You’ve got me convinced! I turn the tunes up from time to time and have a boogy around with the baby. It’s great fun. For want of sounding cheesy – You go girl! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun πŸ™‚

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  6. Ahhh I love this…I’ve had a post in drafts almost since I started blogging about dancing like nobody’s watching. I love love love dancing and have always enjoyed a good dance…I’m pretty rubbish at it though so not sure I’d fall into the dancer categories…but dancing with my son around our kitchen makes my heart burst with happiness and I think we should all dance more! Sounds like a very fun night lovely. Next time a video!? #familyfun

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  7. Love that your whole family were dancing together – my brother is in a band and I love it when we all go and see him and have a dance about! I am a terrible dancer, no rhythm but I love it!! I am very enthusiastic. Used to work in a nightclub when I was a student and I adored dancing behind the bar!! #fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. Oh love the fact that you have enthusiasm – that’s all we need! And just how greta is it to be with the family like that – special times! Thank you for commenting lovely xx


  8. Oh god, i have a friends hen night on Saturday, dreading it, as ALL of us are mums and having been out in a while! Watch out Southampton, serious mum dancing will be happening alone with 12 drunk mums after just one drink! Oh the shame! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  9. Love this – I miss those days of being able to get up and dance at parties but hubby and I always try to get on the dance floor at least once if we can. It was dance that actually got us together – we met through the ballroom dancing society at university and got to know each other through competing in acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll (although the days of hubby throwing me around are well and truly over – when we last tried it about seven years ago, he put his back out mid-throw which was not fun!) These days though, it’s usually the girls that are up to dance and it’s wonderful to watch them and see how much they love it as well. Dancing is good for you – and those increased levels of serotonin prove it! πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh wow wow wow how cool are you – acrobatic rock n roll – just amazing! one the fact that your girls love dancing too – so good for the soul! Thank you for commenting lovely xx


  10. I used to love dancing when I was at uni Helen, we used to go to the Student Union every week for a night out and dance the night away, thinking about it, it was great exercise! Now I hardly go out, or dance at all, in fact when I do I feel pretty self conscious about it -dancing that is, not going out. I don’t think I’m a good dancer, maybe a bit clunky, having a drink with dancing takes that self-conscious feeling away. It’s lovely that you could all have a dance together as a family, I’m slightly envious of that. I hope you had a fab night out. Thanks so much for joining our party at #fortheloveofBLOG, hope you join us next week. Claire x

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