What really happens when you remove a teen from Wi-Fi

So, we have just returned from the most beautiful holiday sailing around the Greek Islands … crystal blue calm waters, sunshine, rosé and lots more rosé … pure bliss … but, listen, the real biggy is this … we took three teens with us … and we had limited Wi-Fi! What were we thinking? Can you believe that I still thought it was bliss?!

Well for anyone who read my post about preferring a Chanel bag to a holiday because a Chanel bag wouldn’t be leaning precariously over a hotel balcony trying to get the best Wi-Fi spot and a Chanel bag wouldn’t strop every time I asked it not to look at their phone during dinner, then you will understand the huge problem access to Wi-Fi holds for me and my teens on a holiday. It was no surprise, then, to be met with squeals of:

“OMG I won’t be able to streak.”

“OMG I won’t be able to see what Alexis and Jay are up to?”

“OMG I won’t be able to see if Kylie has updated her make-up brand.”

“OMG I won’t be able to search for Pokemon.”

“OMG I wont’t be able to …”


Now, for those of you who are slightly concerned about the teens not being able to get their streak on … don’t stress … it’s not what you think … I haven’t suddenly got kids on my hands who are exhibitionists … no it’s something to do with snapchat and maintaining a flow of conversation and contact with friends … there seems to be some urgency about not letting the number of days they have contact stop … in fact not some urgency … a whole lot of OMG urgency that prevents them from being able to do anything else until they’ve completed their 1,567 streaks.

“Darling, please could you help empty the dishwasher?”

“After I’ve streaked, Mum!”

“Would you mind giving me a hand with this, Sweetheart?”

“Muuuum! I’m streaking!”

… you get the gist … and for those of you who haven’t got this whole streaking affair going on in your life count yourself lucky.

Now, the Alexis and Jay reference … these aren’t real friends of their’s in the actual real friend sense, that they would lead you to believe, but is some celebrity couple who, I swear to God, my kids think are family or actual real-life friends … the interest in their everyday lives and relationship is quite frankly bonkers … are they still together? Are they not? But you’ve got to hand it to them … 1.3 billion people adore them! I plucked that figure out of thin air so may be an exaggeration … but probably not.

The other references I’m too drained to explain – but a quick google should sort it for you. Anyway, we really actually limited the Wi-Fi. We braved the much less-downtrodden path. We did it.

“My name is Justsayingmum and I limited my kids time on Wi-Fi.”

It feels that momentous. That big a deal. Obviously, we told the kids that the boat didn’t have Wi-Fi … not that we weren’t going to pay the £150 for them to have access … sneaky … OK, they know now but it was an easier option in the beginning … believe me … hate the boat not us!

So, you all wonder, what happened? Did the children just stop functioning? I’m not going to lie … nearly! Did a scene, likening to the Hunger Games, of ravage type behaviour unfurl before our very eyes? Almost. But … in reality, something like this happened…






Not a phone in sight … well apart from me snapping away … but this post wasn’t about my break from the phone! And do you know what? Their friends didn’t stop being their friends because they didn’t streak (still thinking of actual streaking every time I write this!), Alexis and Jay are doing OK, games were there to come back to and make up still exists.

The world really didn’t stop but my children did for a moment and I think for those beautiful couple of weeks they enjoyed real life, in the way that real life grounds you. It made them realise that conversation is beautiful, that the words of a book can take you to a whole other world, that there is beauty in your surroundings when you actually stop and look, that to do what you love is good for the soul, to play and to laugh is one of the best feelings in the world and to connect with the life that is in front of you is undeniably what you need to do more of. It made them feel good about themselves.

Sadly, we are home now and the Wi-Fi is back in full force but the break has taught them that there is more to life … a whole lot more … and I know that deep down they know that too … just saying.

NB Kate Orson has written a wonderful post (copy and paste link below) about setting limits on screen time and I think we could all learn wonderful things from this … us and not just the children!

Why Setting Limits About Screentime Starts With You


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  1. Oh what a glorious holiday it sounds. I need a digital detox like this! Next weekend Mr C and are escaping to a country manor in Suffolk to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, I am planning on no twitter etc. Perhaps just the one instagram picture per day, perhaps. However, on a far more pressing note, after reading this post I am feeling sooooo old. What is streaking and I am going to google Alexis and Jay because I need to know if they are still together! #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Oh Emma! You do make me giggle! Happy googling! Oh and have a wonderful break away – IG is fine – I find the IG the only form of social media that is a real pleasure to be part of whilst still being able to switch off! Thank you for your comment xx


  2. What a great post ….and yes I think we all could learn from this post …and though we all live the Internet and what it offers it sometimes is like you say nice to sit back and enjoy real life xx

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  3. I can’t get my head around this streaking business – every time I read it I kept thinking of nudity! I guess I’m officially old now. I’m going to rural Ireland next week and kind of hoping that we have limited WiFi – yes, I’ll miss catching up with my bloggy friends/Twitter/Facebook, but I might actually read a book. Talk to my husband. Play with my daughter. I can’t wait. #ablogginggoodtime

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  4. What a brilliant post!
    So glad you had a fab time and well done for staying sane.
    They’re utterly gorgeous kids and photos by the way! Like something from a magazine shoot!
    I feel very old, I’ve not heard of streaking but my eldest is only 8 so give me a few years and then I’ll probably be writing a post about it too 😉😂
    Gem @ Life is Knutts

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    1. Aww thank you for your lovely comment and kind words! It was a beautiful holiday. Ha ha just head over to my blog to keep you updated on all things teen and current – it’s the only way I know these things!! xx

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  5. Such a good idea!! Putting the phone away and going out for a walk now. Glad you had a good break and hopefully you’ll share a few more snaps with us!! #ablogginggoodtime

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  6. Oh my goodness. I had to do it, didn’t I? I went and googled and Alexis and Jay, how flipping photogenic are they!? They have over 6 million followers on Instagram. I would say that I want their life but I don’t because have you heard the rumours…….? Jay hasn’t been very nice to Alexis. So there we go. Now I need to go and find out what this streaking is! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFrolics lovely xxx

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    1. ha ha ha ha – you make me giggle! they are a bit gorgeous aren’t they and oh I heard about the possible break up too! No I mustn’t admit I know that!! Thank you for hosting lovely xx


  7. This is brilliant – my sister has just taken her teens and pre-teen to France and had almost exactly the same conversation – my niece had to explain streaking to me too!!! I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time, the photos are gorgeous. I am trying to limit my own screen time a bit and I’ve actually read some books!!! Shock horror. I’m looking forward to camping with my family in a few weeks and leaving the phone in the caravan (other than for a few snaps of course) #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Oh, Ellen, you must – it is simply divine to switch off for a while – gives your mind space to expand – I think we become a little inward focusing when blogging so it was wonderful. Thank you so much for commenting and have a gorgeous camping trip xx


  8. It amazes me that I’ve never heard of this “streaking” before. A few summers ago we rented a cottage by the beach for a week and I lost my mind when I found out the teen and her friend had been calling the landowner because they couldn’t get the wi-fi to work. #momsterlink

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  9. Your kids are so beautiful. It’s great that they didn’t start ww3 because I’m pretty sure I would have at that age haha. Maybe not without WiFi, that I would have handled but not having my Phone connected to anything would have been a nightmare! Sometimes shutting off is great and just relaxing to enjoy life! I’m totally into snap streaks myself haha. Great read! #ablogginggoodtime

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

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  10. OK I can see that it gets a little more complicated the older that your kids get! Only dealing with sulks and toddler tantrums and tv/app requests at the moment and that’s enough but I guess there will always be something! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  11. We had a week away with limited wifi. My son was most upset as he is a vlogger and he could not upload to YouTube. He survived the week lol.

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  12. Helen we had a similar experience with our teens on our holiday so reading your post made me smile, as whilst they started out by stropping at the fact that we had booked a villa without WiFI we had the best time just hanging out together, chatting, playing board games, reading and of course like you at the end they couldn’t wait to get back on the phones as soon as they hit English soil. #forhteloveofBLOG

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    1. Aww isn’t it just the best thing?! WE must have played cards a 1000 times but was just so gorgeous to connect as a family again! So glad you had the same experience. Thank you so much for your comment xx


    1. Aww it really is the best thing – I felt so grounded and able to focus on what is really important in life – blogging is great but it shouldn’t take over – I get sucked in too all the time but it’s important to balance it. Thank you so much for commenting xx


  13. Yaaaay Helen you’re back, I have missed you! Oh you brave lady going on Holiday without the wifi. I fear our teen may have imploded had we done that. You do however make a very valid point about being in the real world, enjoying the scenery, the holiday for what it is and not engrossing themselves in the digital world and that is a fab thing to have done. Something I like to think I would do when mine become teens, however that is a while off yet and seeing as wifi is on course for world domination where ever you are I may be fighting a loosing battle. Glad you all had a lovely holiday, the photos look gorgeous xx #ablogginggoodtime

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you lovely! It was so lovely to have a break – and so lovely to be with the children without talking to the top of their heads as they are bent over a screen I know we can’t maintain that way of living but it was nice whilst it lasted! xx


  14. Hi Helen,
    Your holiday looks so wonderful. When our girls went away on a holiday camp for a week they werent allowed any electronic devices at all and they had the best time! I’m so glad they have a strict rule at the camp.

    Oh, I really am out of the loop. Never heard of streaking…Well not in the social media sense!! #Fortheloveofblog

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  15. I loved this, the holiday sounds idyllic and great to see the books out- It cracked me up about the streaking etc- it is another world! It makes us all appreciate the world and not the electronic one to be forced away- so important. Gorgeous pics as always Helen! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  16. Hello lovely!!!! Hi-de-hi! There is no hope. My 4 year old is already addicted to her kindle – which has splendid parental controls and limits, but about 10 mins on an electrical device is all it takes to become addicted (just look at mummy!) I am totally freaked out by the idea of streaking. I would not be able to keep a straight face! #fridayfrolics – just very late as I am a total loser!

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    1. ha ha – I guess our kids don’t have to look far to see our addiction to social media! Guilty! Oh the constant “Mum I’m streaking” makes me laugh every time! Thanks for commenting gorgeous xx


  17. Oh good grief – I have no idea who Alexis & Jay are! Still giggling about streaking! Glad your kids got a chance to realise that none of this stuff is as important as we all come to believe it is.

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

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  18. It looks like it was a wonderful holiday from your photos – especially once you got past the OMGs over the limited wifi – glad to hear that your teens all enjoyed their break from it and they certainly looked like they had a lot of fun offline 🙂

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