My London Fashion Show Experience

As I write this post I am still on a total high. I’m not interested in the comedown. This feeling has to be up there with the best moments. Last night, I was able to watch my daughter walk her first catwalk in London Fashion Week. And what a show it was!

These events are something else. Set in the most exquisite and luxurious location of London’s finest, the fashion types arrive. They are different. They have an air of elegance that one craves. They have a youthful glow that I lust after. They belong. Effortlessly. The decadence is indulgent but I’m content indulging. For tonight I am part of this crowd. Part of this event. I have a reason to be there, even if my ticket is white compared to the black and silver of the other guests. My ticket might mean only standing but I’m still there. I can still experience the high.


I’ve been lucky to have been to other shows and you can read about my experience at the Moschino show hereΒ but there is nothing like watching your own daughter come up on to the catwalk and the cameras flash flash flash. Just unreal.

A rainforest was the theme of the show, set within a room of such splendour. Chandeliers dripping from the beautiful painted ceilings, the coolest of music delicately playing as the fashion crowd saunter in to take their seats. The photographers one end of the catwalk, the opening for the show the other. As I stand waiting for the spectacle to start, I receive text after text reminding me to film it. I’m panicking slightly as I worry that I don’t have enough storage. That faux pas really doesn’t need to happen right now!


The chatter stops, the lights dim and then the music, the show music, starts. I’m shaking. The catwalk is so long. Everyone is watching. And then the first girl appears. She walks the entire catwalk on her own. She owns the stage completely. Not sure I’ll be able to cope if Georgia has to do this. The pressure not to fall, not to go wrong, to own it like the others. All eyes on the model. Cameras clicking and flashing. A powerful force over the pumping music. My passion for this world is further fuelled.


The theme is animal like. The girls’ hair is big, the make-up animalistic. I’m not sure I’ll recognise Georgia. And then, oh my word, she appears on the catwalk. She’s there. My girl. She looks so different. Not my 17-year-old teen that I’m nagging to do homework, moaning at to tidy her room. She’s a model. She’s on this catwalk. She’s doing this thing and I am literally shaking. I mustn’t cry. I mustn’t whoop. I must try and calm. I’m holding my breath as she walks from end to end with a confidence of which I could only dream. The cameras flash. She doesn’t falter. All pre-show nerves gone. My daughter to me. But to everyone else she’s someone different. My emotions over this are tangled.


It’s one of the strangest feelings to see your child through different eyes but last night I did. I feel different this morning. I’m proud beyond proud. But it’s more than that and I can’t quite pinpoint it. I’m standing back and enjoying the show for now while I try to put my feelings into words … still my girl but someone else too … just saying.

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  1. Oh Helen what an experience! It sounds phenomenal I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch your daughter. I think I would just burst with all the emotion. Keep enjoying lovey it must be just fab, and congrats to Georgia, she looks amazing. #bigpinklink xx

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  2. Wow Helen what a fantastic experience for your daughter and you. I am surprised you didn’t self combust! I have worked at London Fashion Week in the past and it is totally intoxicating so I know what you mean. Look forward to seeing Georgia on the front page of Vogue very soon! #MarvMondays

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  3. Phew I’m so glad you made it and I didn’t have to hire a van to get to you with my ladders. You must be fit to burst with pride and rightly so. It takes a huge strength of character to get up there and do what your daughter did. I am amazed. Well done to her and well done to you. I hope this is the first of many. xxx

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    1. Oh I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t have to go on an adventure together – would have been such fun!! I was amazed with her confidence. Go check out @glamuk on Instagram – there’s a clip on there of her with far more confidence than I realised she possessed! xx


  4. What a beautiful post, you should be proud. She looks amazing, good for her! I wish I had had even an ounce of that confidence throughout life. Enjoy watching her grow into a young woman.

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  5. You’ve evoked the atmosphere so wonderfully. I know exactly what you mean about seeing your daughter as others see her and feeling so proud. I watched the clip of her: so confident and naturally gorgeous. Thank you for sharing xxx

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    1. Oh thank you! It’s a bizarre feeling and I’m not sure it was pride that left me feeling emotional – though obviously I was so proud but it was a feeling of letting go and my work being done if that makes sense. Thank you so much for reading lovely xx


  6. You must be so proud. It sounds like Georgia did a great job. This is such an exciting time for you both and the beginning of such amazing things for Georgia. I wish her all the luck in the world. I love the vlog too. You were both great, funny and very natural. The added on footage really made me giggle too x #familyfun

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  7. Oh wow!!! What an experience and aren’t you both beauties!!! I’ve been to LFW with work before and it is such a fab atmosphere and experience!! Best of luck to her modelling career it looks like she’s got a bright future ahead of her if she wants it #coolmumclub

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  8. Oh my gosh Helen this is so exciting! I love your video banter between you and Georgia. So much love. You deserve to be proud!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun x

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  9. How amazing! This is the first of many exciting moments watching Georgia’s career soar I’m sure – she’s incredibly beautiful and that smile lights up the room I bet. She reminds me of someone…Hmmm…Who could it be? πŸ˜‰ #justsaying
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  10. Wow! You must be so incredibly proud of your daughter. She looks just like you. I love that you managed to grab an unexpected ticket for the show… what a treat. Some beautiful captured mother/daughter moments on your vlog. What a star! Thanks so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

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