Mother of Daughters Talks Teens!

As part of my series of interviewing parents of smalls about how they imagine the teen years to be, I’m thrilled to have Clemmie from The Mother of Daughters on the blog today! If you don’t follow Clemmie on Instagram already then you must as it really is the most beautiful feed @mother_of_daughters. Clemmie is married to Simon (@father_of_daughters) and is a mother to 4 young daughters – Anya 9, Marnie 6 and twins Ottilie and Delilah 9 months. She started her blog Gas and Air 6 years ago as she wanted to share her knowledge and expertise as life as a midwife and mothering young children. She is currently on maternity leave and plans to return to work in January part time. Her debut book How To Grow A Baby and Push It Out is out Feb 2nd published by Penguin Random House. Link to pre-ordering at bottom of post.

So, what does Clemmie think those teen years will be like? Well, let’s see …

1. I know it’s a long way off but what are you dreading about your child/children becoming teens?

Based on my own behaviour probably the constant arguments about clothes, make up, going out and curfews!

2. What are you looking forward to?

Seeing them develop into little women and see what their personalities are like, and their relationships with each other.

3. As a parent, what issues do you imagine are important when raising teens?

Safety but giving them freedom when appropriate, relationships with friends and boys, positive body confidence and bullying.

4. What kind of parent do you think or hope (!) you’ll be when your child/children are/is in their teen years? The same as I am but maybe a bit less shouty, my husband is the calm in the storms at home. I worry about the girls more than him but only because I know what I was like!

5. Is there anything you’d like to say to your own parents before your child/children become teens or were you an angel?

I’m sorry… for always pushing the boundaries and going on and on about things until they gave in!

6. Is there any advice that you would give your child/children before they get to the teen stage?

Take it slow, don’t always try and be like everyone else and enjoy it because before you know it you’ll be a fully formed adult, paying a mortgage.

7. Do you envisage raising teens to be an easier stage than raising littles?

I think it’s going to be harder but in a different way, tantrums become full blown rows and instead of worrying about their sleep/diet I’ll be worrying about the school work and their choice of friends!

Oh, Clemmie, thank you so much for these answers. One of the most wonderful aspects about my three becoming teenagers is really about seeing them develop into who they are going to be so I completely understand why you say you are looking forward to your girls developing into little women and their relationships with each other – it is just wonderful – when they aren’t bickering of course! Your worries about teens is exactly what mine are – the safety issue is just a constant and I wonder whether that concern will ever leave me or whether now that we are parents that is just a given to stay with us – oh joy! Oh and I love your answer about taking those teen years slowly and enjoying – I see so many of my children’s friends trying to grow up too quickly – just no – completely agree!

Clemmie, thank you once again and I wish you and your gorgeous family a breeze of a trip through the teen years, when they finally come, and I wish you all the best with your debut book which can be pre-ordered here:

  1. I really love seeing them develop in to who they are becoming, unique and strong with loving hearts. My eldest is still a tween and she is an amazing girl. I am scared, but also excited by what is to come. A lovely interview, and I love that photo those tops are very fun!

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    1. Oh isn’t that just the best part – their personalities really developing! Oh don’t be scared – in the most it gets better! The hardest thing for me is the having to let go as they don’t need me so much – now that’s tough! Thank you for reading lovely xx


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