That Oh So Wonderful Process Called Ageing!

So, I watched an interesting programme recently about the process of ageing and why some people age better than others. Yes, I did grimace when they said that and cursed those that are blessed with ageless faces. But, not one to dwell, I didn’t stop watching. In fact, I was hooked. Having hit (and gone past) 40 I will listen to anything anyone’s got to say about the ageing process.

Was this programme about to tell me how to become ageless? Was I about to learn what I can do to help this darn awful process that appears to target women? Don’t be ridiculous. Of course not. However, those dad’s amongst my readers can leave right now because the programme highlighted how age suits men. Just great. I’m trying very hard not to dislike you right now! Funnily enough they didn’t say the same for women. Just how bloody unfair is that?

Apparently, the most ageing influences, apart from smoking and sun damage, are, wait for it, lack of sleep. Lack of sleep? Well that’s just made an entire female population with children ecstatic because what could be easier than sleep for a mum? All that beautiful uninterrupted sleep that we get night after dreamy night just pumping our faces full of beautifying age-defying wonder. Because, let’s be honest lack of sleep is right up there as one of those totally attainable things for us mums. No stressing about the ageing process for us then. Just hop into bed with those beautifully crisp clean sheets – you know the ones – Instagram is full of them – all white and gorgeous – and sleep. Sleep for eight uninterrupted hours. Oh my word, just how cruel? Guy meets beautiful youthful girl, they have children, he ages wonderfully through just being male and she, on the other hand, through lack of sleep ages less so wonderfully. Hmm not sure I want to look too closely at why men age less cruelly – good night’s sleep guys?

Sadly, this doesn’t get any easier to deal with for us women because another factor that causes ageing is – I almost can’t bring myself to write the word – alcohol. Oh for the love of whoever is listening – really? Could you not have just left it at lack of sleep and genetics? Did you really have to add that in as an ageing factor?  Clearly, whoever dished this out didn’t have children otherwise they would have made alcohol a pure sweet nectar with anti-ageing properties. Have you seen the Instagram feed of mums? They need wine. Have you read their blogs? Wine is the answer to – well almost everything! Had a bad day? Pour the wine. Had a good day? let’s celebrate – wine! There’s definitely a theme.

So, mums, if you want to help the ageing process be more kind to you, you need to sleep and you need not drink. How hilarious is that? Ha ha ha ha – oh hang on stop with the laughing – laughter lines – see? Cruel – just saying!

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