Bloggers’ Cafe: Blogging Versus Vlogging

Oh it’s so exciting to finally go live with our first guest on the sofa at Bloggers’ Cafe! This series was so much fun to make and we learnt heaps along the way. What I adore about this first guest vlog is that it was our actual first interview! Oh we really threw ourselves in at the deep end as this guest is a total pro at both vlogging and blogging so it’s hilarious to watch us try and find our feet in the company of someone just so relaxed about vlogging!

I can’t urge you enough to watch this if you are interested in vlogging as our fabulous guest has so many excellent tips – a few we could have benefited from knowing before starting this venture ourselves hey Prabs?! Even if you’re not a vlogger lover though, our guest is a blogger too and a very well known one at that so have a watch.

Right, this is, as promised, a vlogging series so take a look below and if you like then please subscribe so as not to miss out on the rest of the series. Also, please get in touch if you’d like to be in series two or let us know whether you’d like another series and who you’d like to see on the sofa. No, not Ryan Gosling! Though that could be fun!


Thank you so much for watching … just saying!




  1. Please get Ryan Gosling on the sofa and I will be on that sofa in a heartbeat! What a fab first guest too. I won’t say who she is so that I don’t give it away for others. Really interesting that she started vlogging first and that most of the traffic comes from blogging and not vlogging. I think YouTube is so much harder to crack #MarvMondays

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  2. It looks like you all had a great time! And it’s so true that we all inspire each other. I’ve been inspired by so many different bloggers and when you see other people achieving, it encourages you to keep working #MarvMondays

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  3. I love seeing bloggers on the vlog! The personalities that come through in their writing are right there on screen. All very natural, very watchable. A great series ahead, I am sure. Alison x #MarvMondays

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  4. Love this series! It’s a great idea. We’re totally in agreement with you mystery guest…can’t beat a good filter! #MarvMondays We fairly new to Vlogging so found this vid fascinating x


  5. I had a good old nosy at this vlog yesterday and I was definitely happy to have a second peek today! – I’d been waiting in anticipation since episode 1! I’m so impressed by your guest (mentioning no names to keep the surprise hehe), and she comes across as such a professional! You all handled what I can only describe as the noisiest pool player on the planet so perfectly! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

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  6. I love the snooker player interrupting!! Adds a bit of real life! Framed perfectly with Franca and Helen, sure that wasn’t deliberate!!? I had no Idea what Franca sounds like but it was good to meet her!! I’m still not convinced I’ll vlog. If Robert wants to one day I will let and help him though, I think you guys are right with that aspect! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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    1. Hilarious isn’t it?! Thank you so much for watching and yes it’s lovely to actually hear bloggers that we know and love chatting! Thank you for watching and for your comment xx


  7. Aaah what a fab first guest love Franca! Loved this episode and was really interesting to hear about Francas experience with blogging and blogging! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun


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