It’s Still My Time Too

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you will be aware that one of my daughters is in the world of modelling and acting. This, of course, fills me with immense pride but no more than my other daughter’s achievements, or my son’s. They, however, are less impressed with my airing their news all over social media and I respect that. Even if I am itching to write all the emotions I feel for them too but, it suffices to say, that isn’t happening!

So, a while back, when daughter number one was embarking on this exciting path, I wrote a post about it being her time now and how I was having to learn to step back and start to let go. It wasn’t easy. There were all the emotions going on. Pride, yes of course, but so much more than that. The experience of your children not needing you so much definitely causes an explosion of feelings. More than anything, I was left with a sentiment that it was her time and that no longer did my personal dreams and goals mean anything, or even matter. I know! Crazy! But the power of that emotion was prevalent for a while. Who would remotely be interested in the mum of the model? Who even was she? Well, I couldn’t even answer that question so I’m not sure how anyone else could!

Fast forward a year and things couldn’t be more different. Hallelujah and all the joys because that feeling of my time having passed wasn’t pleasant for anyone and was downright ridiculous. I can see that now. These feelings weren’t woe is me but more a thinking that maybe my dreams should be popped away for now. Again, ridiculous! There is nothing that says you become too old to have dreams, that if you haven’t achieved them by a certain age then “sorry, love, your time has passed!”

This last week has been London Fashion Week. What an incredible week! Yes, my daughter is more than capable of going to castings on her own and organising her own life but do you know just how much fun it is to share that with her? Model spotting together, we’ve become experts. Though, in all fairness, they are all dressed in black, very tall, very skinny and very beautiful so not that difficult to spot, in reality.  Oh, and the top trend tip for this season is most definitely fishnet tights under ripped jeans! I’m so tempted!

To be there with encouragement and support, to sit in a cafe after castings to catch up and boost her confidence, to sit there and see her positively glowing from the rush of it all is what my role is in all this. I have got a role. It’s this role!

Finding a gorgeous little coffee shop, tucked away in the back streets of London, away from the hustle and bustle, sipping on an Americano and writing a post all whilst being close by if my daughter needs me feels pretty much like my idea of living the dream. Both hers and mine. So, damn right it’s still my time too … just saying!


  1. Helen it is great that you can share your daughter’s success and be there offering her such fabulous support. It is a journey you started together so it is wonderful that she loves having you with her still – our children’s success is our success after all right? x #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Aww thank you! Its a little more than that too in so far as finding the time to write whilst supporting her gives me my dreams too but yay to bathing in her success too!! Thank you for your lovely comment xx


  2. It is absolutely still your time – your blog is proof of that! And, as I said before, it’s lovely that you and your daughter can enjoy this shared interest together. Just popping over from (and congrats on your nomination from) #blogcrush

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    1. Oh thank you so much for such a wonderful heartfelt comment. I think I get so passionate about everything that my poor daughter was going to get my enthusiasm whether she wanted it or not! But joking aside it really is beautiful to share with her. Wishing you all the best with your journey into motherhood xx


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