Bloggers’ Cafe Episode 3!

Oh I’m so excited to publish this episode. I can’t believe that we are on to episode three already. It’s been a wonderful series to film. The being able to chat with the bloggers we know and love has been just the icing on the cake. The gorgeous Prabs from Absolutely Prabulous was back over in London last weekend and we managed to squeeze in another couple of interviews with some outstanding bloggers. We can’t help ourselves. Any opportunity!

We’ve made a few changes to the set up from this episode onwards and are revealing the guest before you hit the play button on the video. Prabs and I  felt that our guests were just too special not to share with you before you watch!

So, today, I am thrilled and beyond honoured that the amazing Sunita from Lucky Things Blog agreed to take part in our series. Sunita is one of the most inspirational people I have met and, although we met through blogging, I can honestly call her one of my friends now.  Sunita blogs about confidence, networking, family and lifestyle. Her blogs are open and honest. Her kindness radiates throughout her posts. However, enough chat! I’ll leave you with this wonderful interview where Sunita lets us in on what blogging has enabled her to achieve beyond blogging.


Thank you so much for watching. It would be great to have your feedback so please feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you thought or if you have some ideas about other guests you would like to see interviewed too. Maybe yourself? Just saying!


  1. Another corker you guys! The hosts with the most and what a fab blogger Sunita is. Great to meet her. It must be almost impossible to edit this to your time limit, but you manage to fit in so much and it flows. Fabulous! Alison x #ablogginggoodtime


  2. I love this! I love Lucky Things and really enjoyed watching this, I think blogging is helping me to work on things I wouldn’t normally too, like photography and being more organised #ablogginggoodtime


  3. Aww Sunita! We met at Blogfest last year and she’s such a lovely lady 🙂 Yes to positivity, Sunita does it so well, I need to remind myself to start taking care of myself more and enjoy life! Another fab episode Helen and Prabs, really enjoying this series over a coffee 🙂 x #BigPinkLink

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  4. Oh I LOVED this interview! What an amazing, inspirational woman Sunita is. I love the story of why she started her blog, and I can so relate to not only PND but the feeling of gratitude. I laughed at the blogging disaster, kids hey? Fab interview ladies, thank you for sharing! xx #dreamteam

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  5. Another amazing instalment of bloggers cafe. It was really interesting finding out a little bit more about Sunita and I have to say I’m super jealous of her very supportive husband. Not that mine isn’t but not that supportive when it comes to blogging. Look forward to the next bloggers cafe. #ablogginggoodtime

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  6. I love this series and it’s so inspirational to “meet” the people behind the blogs. It really surprises me that somebody as successful and empowering as Sunita still had nerves and doubts before starting her blog, but it’s so good to know. Loving the tip about blogging with children haha. Thanks so much for sharing this with #DreamTeam lovely x

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  7. Ah this is such a lovely idea! It’s the first I’ve watched so I’ll go check the others out. Sunita has some great advice xx #DreamTeam


  8. Oh my goodness, I’ve only just seen all of the comments at the end of this vlog chat with Prabs and Helen. Thanks so much everyone for watching. Hope it made you giggle a bit (I know I was close to tears at a few times during our filming when talking about life’s ups and downs!). Can’t wait to watch more interviews in this series – cheers Helen and Prabs!! xx


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