This Social Media World I’m In

OK, so not just me. That would be seriously strange. But I am talking about my little part of that world. I was a child many decades ago. Growing up, when I did, during a time without technology. I remember sitting in class with my best friend, Emma, laughing at my teacher, Mr Iddon, when I was eight-years-old. He was telling us that one day we would be able to do our grocery shopping from home and that it would be delivered to our door.The very next day. Oh, how we laughed. How did he know?

I remember my father coming home with our first VCR. I remember my first cassette player. My first Now 5 album. On tape. There were not computers. I wrote letters to friends. With actual pen and paper. I got my first mobile phone at 22 years of age and I remember my husband, my then boyfriend, saying that text messages would never catch on!

What did you do? I hear you cry. Well, we didn’t spend all day looking at phones, that’s for sure. Oh, I’ve made up for that, though. My children will happily confirm this. So do I lust after years gone by when things were simpler? Do I crave a slower pace of life, waiting a week for a letter to arrive as opposed to the instant response of an email? No way. Not at all!

I’ve embraced social media head on. Lapped up all it can give me. The blogging world has consumed me. I’m social media’s doting daughter. OK, maybe proud mother if we are talking age here! So why then do I still get that gut-wrenching fear when I post sometimes? Why do I lay there at night and worry about what I’ve shared?  I’ll be honest and I think that this may surprise a few but I’m actually quite a private person. I know. Hilarious, right? But, I am. My friends will vouch for that. I am one that will never tell what is bothering me until the worry is over. I don’t share and share every woe and concern. I deal with things internally. But, blogging, well that’s a whole different story. Though, I probably internally self-edit the material I write. There’s definitely some degree of preservation going on!

So why the fear? What causes that fear? It’s definitely there. It’s real enough where I have moments of thinking that I’m going to delete every word I’ve written, every picture I’ve posted. Go back to a slower pace of life that is not so dictated by sharing and engaging with thousands of people on a daily basis about every thought, fear, and emotion. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up in this world. It’s new to me and whilst I thrive on it, it’s not what I came from.

Maybe the generations that know no different are free of such questioning. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I feel that the questioning helps pop a balance on things and maybe sometimes even a degree of much needed decorum. Not that I’m saying they don’t have that questioning or moral ability but there’s definitely a domination of less than moralistic values being posted out there.

Am I alone? Have you wanted to recoil and switch off from it all and wrap yourself up in the unit of your family? Just wanted to shut that front door and let it just be you and your closest? It’s not just me is it? Right, that’s enough procrastinating!  Where’s my phone? What’s happening on Instagram? Just saying!


130 thoughts on “This Social Media World I’m In

  1. Wonderful post with lots to dwell on. I think it is good to keep questioning and act as our internal moderator. I agree and do worry that social media can be exhausting. As bloggers, we can get totally carried away with it and my teens have criticised the amount of time that I spend on my phone too! I can certainly compete with them on that score! On the other hand, the genie is out of the bottle and there is no going back so we have to reach a happy compromise with this scary new world! Thanks so much for your support with our new #TweensTeensBeyond linky,I’m thrilled you’ve joined us and look forward to reading more next week. xx

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    1. Oh I love your perspective on the genie being out of the bottle – so so true and we can’t do anything about it other than start learning how to manage it! thank you for your comment and for starting this fantastic linky. Of course will be back next week xx


  2. I sometimes feel like this, it’s a strange divide between feeling like I want to shut off but then also loving the community I’ve found. I’ve only been doing this for two months and sometimes I find it very tiring so I think it’s good to step back and check the balance at times as it can be addictive! #bloggerclubuk

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    1. Yes, and that is what I find so hard sometimes – I adore the community and blogging and instagram has given me so much – it’s important to remember the benefits also. Thank you so much for your comment xx


  3. You have just echoed everything I feel – my blog is very new and I have days when I just wonder what on earth am I doing? I’m on at my kids about screens but then I’m glued to my phone now (which they’ve pointed out) at every given opportunity, I wonder if I’m sharing too much and has this blog taken over my life?! I was the person who wouldn’t post anything on facebook as I’m so private and now I’m a blogger – slightly ironic isn’t it? Thank you for sharing this and making me realise I’m not alone in feeling how I feel at times. Right twitter check quick! #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Oh I so agree. The amount of times I’ve nearly quit – and very recently too! And the glued to phone – more than my teens – it is hilarious! Breaks and time out is the key for coping! Ha ha twitter check yes! Thank you for your comment xx


  4. Oh I struggle with this online world for sure! Some days I love it and some days I hate it. Blogging has given me so much but social media comes with that. I have to find a balance between using it/consuming it for joy and it not becoming a burden or else it feels too much like hard work. Every summer we go away and I always vow to have some time offline, but the place has wifi now, and I find myself slipping back in to “check in” with social media after a few days. I’m 31 and I feel a bit “old” sometimes when I talk about my struggles with social media, so it’s nice to hear it’s not just me. I live in Norfolk and it’s beautiful to go out for a walk sometimes. I even did today, without my phone, on purpose, just taking in the moment of watching my daughter say “run daddy more” on her trike. It’s good to have a break every now and then xx #bigpinklink

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    1. Oh Susie if you feel old imagine how I feel!!! I embrace it for what it is and also remind myself regularly that we have a choice but that’s because we are adults and have the ability (most of the time!) to switch off but what worries me is those born into social media – will they know real life like we do? Does it even matter? It’s their generation and they will adapt accordingly I guess – that’s what evolution is all about isn’t it?!!! Thank you for your comment xx

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  5. Oh I love this post and so very true. Sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to share so much. It strange how we rely on it so much these days. Sometimes it’s good to switch off for a while and enjoy the hear and now. Xxx

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    1. Oh, I’m the first to admit that I am so drawn to social media and it is also so important to appreciate the benefits of it too – there is so much criticism of it! And yes so good to be able to switch off. Thank you so much for your comment xx

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  6. I love social media. I agree you need to be careful with what you share but overall, I really can’t imagine it not being around anymore. I love that you can step away when you want to and always go back. Great post. #ablogginggoodtime

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  7. Beautiful post as always lovely – so much to think about. Me and my other half were just saying the other day how different our childhoods were to my stepson’s now teenage years. He is glued to his phone and though it would be hypocritical of me to say anything against it, we have started to ban phones from the living room for a few hours in the evening so we can all catch up! Thanks for linking to #dreamteam xx

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    1. Thank you so much, Bridie. Oh we do the same – try to have a few hours phone free as a family. I embrace social media and I think my children are thrilled that it is something I enjoy as I get why they are on their phones so much – so many of their friends’ parents aren’t quite so understanding but you have to create a healthy balance for sure! xx


    1. I’ve never really loved fb so wouldn’t miss that but think I’d miss instagram – not sure – some days I want a break from it all and just go back to it being my life without the mass sharing – maybe one day – I can feel it’s gentle pull getting somewhat stronger if I’m honest x


  8. Yes I do feel like that a good bit. Like you say with blogging you have to jump into all of the networks & they are time-consuming. My oldest turns 10 soon so we are pre-social media but the kids love to use their tablets. I limit the time on them & play games etc instead because like you, I didn’t grow up looking at a screen & I don’t want them to either! Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK x

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