A Letter To You

Dear You,

Apologies for the slightly unconventional way of writing to you. I thought it the best way to get my thoughts down and the things I wanted to say as I do feel slightly awkward.

I love that you read my blog. I started it over a year ago but I don’t know when you came across it. I love too that you’ve commented. It was my love of writing and the want to engage that inspired me to start and I’m so glad I did.

My children are growing. They’re are nearly ready to go make their own lives. Of course, I regret not having started writing the memories sooner but what I’ve written will stay with me and will always be there now for me to look back on. Would I have been able to recall these memories without having written them? I very much doubt it. I know that most of my readers love to write too. I urge you to write from the heart, the words you want to read. Don’t let those memories go. They are special and they can carry on being special and not forgotten if we write. We leave something for our children too.

When I started this blog, there was a lot of humour. I’ve surprised myself how my writing has evolved. I guess that sometimes raising children isn’t always funny and perhaps sometimes they have deserved for me to write more earnestly. Which leads me on to the news I wanted to share. I’ve made it as a finalist for the Brilliance in Blogging awards 2017 in the family category. This is such a huge deal for me.

I’m shocked but also so honoured. I guess if I’m really honest, proud. Not proud of myself but proud of my children and my family for having let me write so openly about them, to share their stories, to let me put on paper the feelings I have inside that are sometimes so difficult to say aloud. I’m hoping by sharing my stories it will help those with smalls embrace the teenage years with a little more insight.

Now for the hardest part because I’m not great at this but the link for voting is here and the closing date for votes is the 2nd July. It would, of course, mean the world to me, though I honestly feel like I’ve won already just to have made it this far so thank you if you nominated me, I’m buzzing!

All the thanks,

just saying mum xx








  1. Another flawless, well written and articulated post. A fining example of why you were nominated in the first place. Congrats and all the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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